9 Best Steroid Cycles That Are Used In Bodybuilding

9 Best Steroid Cycles That Are Used In Bodybuilding

There comes a time in every fitness journey when a person thinks can I take my body to the next level naturally? Is this the end of natural growth for my body? We are here to clear your mind regarding these questions. When talking about steroids everyone talks about their safety. Post steroid cycle therapies, the time duration of a steroid cycle but no one explains about the right Steroid Cycles that are used in Bodybuilding.

Best Steroid Cycles that are used for Muscle Gain

CAUTION- All the substances mentioned in this list are banned and illegal to have without a doctor’s Prescription. We plan to educate people about steroids by showing their side effects and we strongly oppose the consumption of steroids. If any person suggests you to take one of the following compounds your answer should always be “A BIG NO”.

  1. Anadrol- A “vintage” steroid that was initially used to aid weight gain after surgery or illness, as well as to treat osteoporosis and hormonal disorders on rare occasions. Side effects include rapid weight gain, acne problems, Gyno, high cholesterol, etc.
  2. Anavar- Originally used to treat weight gain, burn rehabilitation, and osteoporosis. Side effects include High BP, acne problems, feeling low and depression, etc.
  3. Arimidex- It’s one of a class of oral antiestrogen medications that are most commonly used to treat some types of breast cancer. Side effects include High Blood Pressure, body tiredness, joint pain, and heart issues, etc.
  4. Clenbuterol- Clenbuterol is an anti-asthma drug that can “unlock fat and muscle tissue cells in the body,” according to steroid researcher Victoria Felkar. Side effects include nausea, muscle cramps, insomnia, etc.
  5. Deca Durabolin- Clinically, it’s used to treat severe illnesses like cancer, anemia, and AIDS, but it’s not used that often. Side effects include liver issues, enlargement of the prostate, acne issues, erectile dysfunction, etc.
  6. Dianabol- Commonly used to treat anemia. Side effects include water retention, liver damage, infertility, etc.
  7. Equipoise- Equipoise (EQ) is a testosterone derivative that was first tested on humans and is now used in veterinary medicine, mainly on horses. Side effects include acne problems, gyno, high B.P, hair loss, etc.
  8. Testosterone- Whether you’re cutting or bulking, “testosterone” is considered “the foundation of each steroid cycle.”.Side effects include low feeling, decrease in sperm count.
  9. Trenbolone- Bodybuilders consider “tren” (an injectable) to be one of the most powerful steroids. It is divided into two types: acetate and enanthate. Side effects include severe cough, low sex drive, high B.P, Gyno, etc.

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Steroids And Bodybuilding

From 16 year Boys in the gym to the Professionals standing on competition stages everyone these days is on steroids. This is one of the biggest reasons that every new person that comes in the field of fitness and bodybuilding is attracted to steroids. Everyone focuses on the bright side and quick results. No one properly knows about the dark and deadly side effects of steroids. People these days don’t want to work hard and want quick results. The belief that the use of steroids is the shortcut to their fitness goals doesn’t make them realize the danger they are putting their bodies in.

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The Uncensored Truth About Steroids

The “original” Steroids are not cheap. They are exclusively manufactured chemical compounds and have decent pricing. Teenage boys purchase steroids worth 300$ for 60-70$ from their trainers who don’t know anything about the science behind these drugs. Ask yourself what will you get if you purchase a product worth $300 in just 60$. In those 60$ your trainer is also keeping his commission. The client thinks he is injecting the original steroid but neither the client and nor the uneducated trainer knows what is entering in the body of the client. The trainer is giving them duplicate steroids. More than 50% of steroid users in countries like India are taking duplicate steroids. They don’t even know what chemical salt is entering their bodies. The sad part is most of these 50% of people are boys who are below the age of 20.

If you ever decide to take steroids make sure that you are taking them under some expert guidance and a professional, you can trust because this is the matter of life and death. People don’t do post steroid cycle therapy after completing their steroids cycle. They don’t wash out the unwanted chemicals from their bodies and experience very fatal side effects. All this happens because of a lack of guidance and education.

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With the right balance between diet and exercise, anyone can achieve a good looking muscular physique naturally. Steroids are not a shortcut, this should become very to everyone. People who use steroids leave carbs, water, and many essential nutrients to achieve their goals. Before using Steroids think what else is there that I haven’t done as a natural bodybuilder. There are many challenges that you can take if you are natural. You can try many types of diets like the ketogenic diet, Carb Cycling, Intermittent Fasting to challenge Your Body and You will observe some shocking changes. Your Natural Body will always sustain for a longer time as compared to a body that is built on steroids.

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