Ultimate Guide to an Elite Formal Dressing Sense for Men

Ultimate Guide to an Elite Formal Dressing Sense for Men

We all know that men’s dressing sense is breaking down and in this era. Casual wear is taking over and sportswear is the new king in the world. The thing that doesn’t go out of fashion and never will in the near future is the suit. We’re gonna look at the best dressing style for men and formal wear especially the suit and breaking down all the rules to wear a suit and look dapper as a male model. Make sure to check out all the points given below to know about classic formal wear.


Suits can be the best piece of clothing a man can wear. Every man should definitely own a suit even if you are a teenager. These are some of the points to keep in mind when going for your perfect suit.

  • The Basic Colors First

One should always try to buy the basic colors first whenever you are buying clothes and when it comes to suits the fist and foremost suit every guy should have in his closet is the BLACK SUIT which is a classic and never goes out of style even after years other basic colors that one should focus on are the NAVY and GRAY colored suits.

  • Make Sure Your Suit Jacket Fits Just Right

The jacket of the suit fits right above the shoulder. It should not be too loose hanging on the shoulder or too tight in which moving around is a task.

When looking for a suit always make sure that the arms of the jacket fit right on your wrist. You can see a little bit of your shirt outside your arm, but make sure the little bit that we’re talking about here shows, not too much just enough.

Every time you button up the suit make sure that it is not too tight. It should be very comfortable in which you can easily move around regardless of the suit type.

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Trousers Too Long

Many people nowadays are following the trend that is going on, of wearing ankle-length jeans and chinos and it does look good I have to admit but when wearing a suit and going for more of a classy look than casual make sure the trousers fit perfectly not too long or not too short, not even ankle-length trousers should be worn with suits or any type of formal clothing.

Always Wear Proper Socks

People nowadays love to wear short socks or no show socks as they are called because they are very breathable, but when it comes to a suit one should always keep in mind that even if you are wearing loafers you should always wear crew or executive socks also known as mid-calf or over the calf socks respectively.

Never Wear Smart Watches

Smart watches are very cool and stylish and now you can even select the strap style of the watch that you want to wear but when wearing a suit you should always keep in mind that smart watches might be cool but they do not look good with formal outfits especially suits instead try wearing metallic watches or leather and faux leather strap watches.

Always Wear a Belt

Wearing a belt with formal outfits is a must especially when you are wearing a suit the belt should always be there and should strictly be a leather or a faux leather belt none of those flashy or colored belts. Also , always make sure that the color of the belt matches the color of your shoes. There are mainly only two belts that should be worn:-

  • Brown leather belt
  • Brown leather belt

Now talking about formal wear except the suit jacket because in a country like india where in summers the temperature in cities like delhi can go upto 50 degree celcius wearing a proper suit all the time can be a hassle and most importantly very uncomfortable in this type of weather. So lets talk about what to wear in formals if you do not want to dress in a proper suit or you wanna drop the suit jacket.

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If we talk about formal shirts, it does refer to those flashy big striped or very bold patterned shirts, according to me formal shirts are all about their class and simplicity. They should look good and very subtle so that they can be worn in any type of work environment, parties , formal gatherings etc. So the shirt colors that will look amazing when you are going for a formal subtle look are shades of :-

  • White
  • Blue
  • Pink

These are the perfect shirt picks when you are working in a traditional work environment. If you want to wear full formal clothes and if you want to wear something else because you want to go to a party or say a formal gathering you can go for colors like:-

  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Dark brown


Now talking about pants we have very limited options. There are only two options in pants. One is a very traditional formal pants that is your suit trousers. The other one is a mix of jeans and suit trousers which is called chinos. Both of them look very nice and classy with your outfit. Talking about the colors, so the colors that you should buy first before buying any other color of pants are:-

  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Gray
  • Light shades of brown (e.g. khaki, beige etc)


Talking about the types of shoes that look good with almost every formal outfits are:-

  • Brogues
  • Oxfords
  • Monkstraps
  • Loafers

The color of the shoes should always be as dark as your pants or a shade darker. Make sure the shoes are well polished at all times.

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Glasses is another add-on that can level up your dressing game. The accurate type of frame and Glass Color can be decided depending upon the occasion and the purpose.


Accesories add up to the overall appeal of an outfit. Simple accesories like a broach can be a gamechanger if added to a boring/dull outfit.

High Quality Stuff

Always try to purchase clothes, shoes and accesories that have good quality remember, good quality product aren’t neccesarily expensive. Good quality items not only last longer but also add up that quality feel to a particular outfit.

Colorful Clothes

Don’t Shy away from using colorful shirts. Try to find out bright colors that go well with your skin tone and insert them into your regular formal outfits.

Design Your Formal Sets According to Your need

Every indivisual has different body structure, Eye Color, Hair Color and other Characterstics. Don’t Refer a sample look worn by someone else. What looks good on someone else might not look good on you and vice-versa.Try to find out good sets of Shirt, Pant & Suits that Blend well and give an overall Classy appeal. By doing this you can design new outfits by using the Clothing Items you already have.

All the other tips that were discussed earlier applies to every formal outfit.

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