Alcohol and Bodybuilding – Effects and Causes

Alcohol and Bodybuilding – Effects and Causes

Alcohol can cause some unimaginable damages to your bodybuilding and fitness goals. In this article, we will study every effect that alcohol has on the body of any bodybuilding/ fitness enthusiast. The effect of alcohol depends upon what your fitness/bodybuilding goals are. The human body treats alcohol in a similar way it treats poison. When alcohol enters our body the absorption of nutrients becomes very slow. In this article, we will study how alcohol affects Fatloss, Muscle Building, and other Goals.

Alcohol and Fat Loss

If your goal is fat loss, alcohol consumption can compromise your goals. When alcohol is in the system our body becomes more vulnerable and more susceptible to store fat. If you are on a fat loss journey avoid consuming alcohol as much as you can. If you still want to consume it, do it by keeping a few things in your mind:-

  1. Don’t eat dietary fat on the same day on which you are consuming alcohol. This reduces the chance of fat accumulation in the body.
  2. Don’t eat junk food along with alcohol. If you eat junk food high in salt and Fats the chances of fat accumulation become double.

Alcohol and Body Building

Too much alcohol consumption reduces testosterone levels and spikes estrogen levels. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle building and if testosterone drops the muscle-building goals are harmed in a major way.

There are a variety of processes our body performs regularly. Muscle building is a process that has a very low priority. When alcohol is present in our body the priority of our body is to flush it out. So the priority of the Muscle Building and recovery Process lowers down and our muscle-building goals can be compromised. Apart from this binging on alcohol creates deficiencies of vitamins and minerals which are very important for muscle growth. Regular alcohol consumption can affect the normal working of the liver and kidneys which will, in turn, lead to less absorption of nutrients from food and supplementation. This will harm the muscle-building goals in the long run.

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Alcohol and Testosterone

If you binge on drinking or your frequency of having a drink is very high your testosterone levels can decline very rapidly as all the essential processes of your body will eventually start slowing down due to frequent entry of alcohol in your body.

Can we drink Alcohol without Compromising our Bodybuilding and Fat loss Goals?

If Bodybuilding is your career it will be best case if you will not touch alcohol during your preparation, For a person chasing fitness goals and not looking to compete professionally, Moderate dosage like 2-3 pints of beer or 2-3 pegs of whiskey once a week is the threshold. You should not exceed this limit if you want to consume alcohol during your fitness journey. If consumed in the above-mentioned way alcohol will not be harmful and will not interfere in your goals.

The Best Form Of Alcohol To Drink

By considering the calorie intake, Vodka is the better form to drink as compared to whiskey, beer, and other forms available in the market. You should prefer taking vodka with water or diet coke. If you take vodka with juices that are high in sugar content it will increase the calories of the drink by a lot.

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What To Do The Day After Drinking? How to get back to Fitness after alcohol intake?

When you wake up hungover the next morning, your prime focus should be on detoxification of your body. Drink twice the amount of water you drink regularly. Have a fresh juice or limewater which will help to take the metabolic processes to their normal states as soon as possible. Apart from this increase your protein intake for the next day. The protein absorption on the following day will be lesser so you have to give more protein to your body so that the muscle recovery doesn’t get compromised.

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How does Alcohol affect health? Does Alcohol Create Deficiency?

Alcohol can create deficiencies of vitamin A, vitamin B, and Vitamin C. These vitamins are essential for the immunity of the body. We often see alcoholics catching a cold, cough, and other seasonal infections easily as compared to any other person because of the deficiency of vitamins in the body. To take precautions eat Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A tablets for 3-4 days after consumption of alcohol. To be on the safer side always include multivitamin capsules in your regular lifestyle whether you drink alcohol or not.

Effect Of Alcohol On Kidneys

Alcohol stays in our system for 24-48 hours after its consumption. The massive effect of alcohol in our bodies occurs on the kidneys. Due to these effects kidneys start releasing water which causes Dehydration. Increase your water intake for the next couple of days after you’ve had alcohol.

Effect Of Alcohol On Sleep Quality

After a few drinks, several people—but certainly not all of them—find it easier to fall asleep. However, the sleep that follows may be of poor quality, to say the least. And when it comes to fitness, sleep quality is crucial.

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Is there a Plan to Drink Alcohol with minimum Damage caused to Health, Fitness Goals?

Yes there are many plans/ways in which you can occasionally consume alcohol without causing major damage to our fitness goals. We will divide this planning into 5 steps

Step 1– Plan the date on which you will be consuming alcohol, so that you can manage your macros on that particular day. If you will consume alcohol on any day without planning there is a big chance of making your fitness plans suffer.

Step 2– Eat a lot of protien during the day you are consuming alcohol, stick to lean sources of protien rather than protien sources that come with huge amounts of carbs and Fats.

Step 3– On the day of drinking try to keep your fat intake low, close to 5-8% of your daily total caloric intake.

Step 4– On the day of drinking try to keep your carbohydrate intake low, take your major carbohydrate intake from Vegetables.

Step 5– Don’t Go mad while drinking, know the capacity of your body and don’t fall ill at the expense of drinking. This will cause you to lose the precious progress that you have achieved over time.

Alcohol and Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the primary causes of your throbbing skull and dry mouth the day after a major night drinking. Have you ever noticed how often you use the restroom? That’s a factor. Since there isn’t enough, water that should be going to the brain is diverted to other organs, resulting in a headache

Alcohol and Weight Gain

Alcohol has the fewest calories per gramme, with just 7 calories per gramme. A typical alcoholic beverage contains between 100 and 200 calories, but we all know that one person’s average is another’s warm-up, so the figures can be much higher. To be sure, all of these extra calories would be retained as fat if they are not metabolised.

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Don’t do heavyweights in the gym the next day after drinking alcohol. Focus more on the intensity and high repetitions during the workout. After finishing your weight training perform at least 30+ minutes of medium intensity cardio to get your metabolic processes back on track and boost up the detox process.

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