Top 14 Fashion Tips For Skinny Guys to Look Good

Top 14 Fashion Tips For Skinny Guys to Look Good

Dressing tips for skinny guys to look good in style is not very easy. Sometimes it’s a hassle to find the clothes that fit right. Most of the time skinny guys have an insecurity about their looks. Here are some tips that you can use to look amazing if you are skinny. I personally also went through that phase where I didn’t fit in any of my clothes so I can understand how hard it becomes to look good. So here are some clothing tips for skinny guys that will help you look good even if you are very skinny.

Learn Layering

Layering is a very important tip for skinny guys to learn. Layering can create an illusion and it can make you look a bit less skinny. It is also very stylish if you do it right and it is one of the best styles. Every man should learn to layer.

Layering can be done in a lot of ways depending on the weather:-

If it is cold outside, the most simple thing one can do is wearing a jacket over a crewneck or a sweater over a T-shirt, etc.

Layering is a lot tougher when it’s warm or hot outside. Wearing more clothes becomes very uncomfortable. Styling is all about feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. When it is hot outside layering can be done by wearing a light fabric shirt like linen or cotton over a simple T-shirt

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Buy Slim Fit Clothes

Buying slim-fit clothes makes you look a bit more comfortable and confident instead of the ‘too skinny fit clothes’ that makes you look more weak and skinny. For buying slim-fit clothes you have to make sure that the tag on the piece of the clothing says slim fit. Try them in the trial room to check whether they are too slim or too loose for you. In the case of bottoms or your jeans, you should always go for a slim fit or straight jeans that will make you look less skinny.

Go For Patterned Tops

Patterned tops can help skinny men look a lot better. They can create an illusion and can make you look a bit broader than you actually are. When patterned tops fit right they are the best tops skinny men can wear and pull off very easily. Some patterns that are best for skinny men:-

  • Horizontal stripes are the best pattern for skinny men to wear. They can make you look broader than you actually are.
  • Flannel shirts are a very good option for skinny men. They look amazing and you can also layer them above a plain and simple black or a white T-shirt.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Whenever you are wearing a shirt always make sure to roll up your sleeves. It makes the shirt look more fit on the forearm area creating an illusion of having slightly bigger forearms than you already have. When you are wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt make sure to pull your sleeve a little bit up, towards your forearm to make it look like its quite well fitted. While rolling up your shirt sleeve or pulling up your T-shirt sleeve make sure the roll ends up right below your elbow. In case you are wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt or a shirt make sure you buy them carefully seeing their fit on the arm area and if it is a bit lose you can also fold up just a little bit to make it look more snug on the arm area

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Wear Lighter Colors More Often

Colors that are dark and light-absorbing make you look a bit more slim and tall. Colors that are bright make you look a bit broader and bigger than you actually are. Wearing lighter colors such as white, pink, yellow, etc shows that you have a more prominent body structure. It actually accentuates your body’s natural bulges. You may not have huge pecs but wearing bright or light colors can make it look like you have a decent body. Now that doesn’t mean you have to wear lighter colors all the time. Try wearing them in the summer season which is very good as they do not absorb light as much as the darker colors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stop wearing dark colors. Dark colors also look very amazing. Make the perfect combination of both to look your best and always on point.

Wear Sneakers More Often

Always try and wear sneakers or shoes that are not too bulky or big. Bulky shoes might make you look weaker and will not necessarily suit you if you are a skinny guy. If you do want to wear sneakers, try wearing boots as they are the best option. Moreover, try to avoid buying fake shoes that hamper your looks. Refer to our article on How To Check Original Puma Shoes for more details.

Wear an Undershirt

Undershirt has many benefits. It acts as a sweat rag that absorbs the sweat coming out of the body. Having no undershirt on makes the sweat visible through the shirt and can look really gross. It also gives a bulk effect and makes you look a little bit bulky as well.

Wear Compression Pants or Underpants

Just like we said about the undershirt, compression pants/underpants adds an extra layer on the lower body and makes your overall legs look a little bit bigger. Compression pants also are able to improve the blood flow that helps in oxygenation of muscle tissue.

Go For Collared Shirts

Most skinny guys have necks that appear longer than most of the guys. That is why wearing a collared shirt will make the neck look more fuller and broader. Not only this, you can roll up the shirt sleeves to make your forearm look a little big as well.

Always prefer Crew Necks over V-necks

A lot of people are making this mistake of wearing V-neck T-shirts over crew necks. It’s completely wrong as V-necks make your neck look more longer and thinner than what it was before. On the contrary, Crew neck T-shirts make the neck look thick. They are round on the neck area plus they carry most of your neck area between them.

Take care of the Symmetry

We have talked about layering and some other tips for skinny guys to look good and give an attractive look. But people forget the importance of layering on the lower body. So when you are wearing a whole outfit and want to look good upside down. Don’t wear skinny-fit jeans and nor baggy jeans. Go for chinos and make sure they are slim fit. You can also wear joggers if you are going for more of a casual or a street look.

Wear Minimal Accessories

Go with accessories that you like and be as minimal as possible. Don’t try and look like a try-hard. Bracelets and rings are very good options for accessories and they can make an outfit look a lot more than what it actually is. But don’t go for accessories that are too loud. For example Big rings, bulky lockets, big bracelets that don’t even rightly fit you.

Wear Ginghams and Check shirts

Ginghams are small boxed shirts that look very minimalistic and make you look absolutely amazing. The patterns in the shirt carry their own weight which adds up with your physique making you look fuller. This same thing can be said about the check shirts as well. You should go for check shirts that give you body a wider appearance making you look a little bulky.

Wear Broad and Heavy Jackets

The jackets made out of thicker fabric is one of the most important tips for skinny guys to look good as it seems very stylish and adds volume to your physique and enhances your overall look. Truckers, Sports jackets, biker jackets, and corduroy jackets are the perfect examples whenever you are going out to buy these types of jackets.

Related FAQs

What are the Best Brands for skinny guys?

Skinny guys should go with slim fit and athletic clothes. So, some of the best brands for such clothes are H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, Jack and Jones.

What’s the best fashion style a 20yr old slim guy can follow.

I believe the best strategy is to gradually add more classic pieces to your wardrobe. Clothing that is timeless never goes out of style. Fashion is, in truth, always about changing the proportions and details of classic objects. Take, for example, the skinny suit. The skinny suit with narrower trousers and narrower lapels, paired with skinny ties, harkens back to the late 1950s and early 1960s when skinny ties were common. This leads to my next point: fashion is both cyclical and whimsical. If you try to keep up with the latest trends, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money on items that you’ll only wear for a few weeks. In the long term, this is catastrophic.

What Dress codes should a skinny guy follow to look his best?

Dressing skinny men has always been a challenge. You appear thinner than you are if you wear clothing that is too tight. On the other hand, if you want to wear overly big clothing, you’ll end up looking like a scarecrow with clothes falling from his shoulders. There are, however, some extremely useful fashion tips that any skinny guy can integrate into his wardrobe without having to dramatically alter his clothing style. The following are some helpful hints for skinny guys:

  • Avoid clothes that make you look weak
  • Learn about layering
  • Choose the right type of fabrics
  • Make your neck look fuller and broader

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