Why Your Biceps Aren’t Growing?

Why Your Biceps Aren’t Growing?

Every person who is into Bodybuilding and Fitness desires well built and muscular biceps and only a few can achieve them. In this article, we will discover all the factors due to which your biceps aren’t growing.

Overtraining And Ego Lifting

Most of the people we see in the gym train their arms, especially their biceps in the same way they train any big muscle like the back. People don’t understand that the bicep muscle is very small in size. Overtraining such a short muscle like biceps hampers its growth in the long run. People rigorously train their biceps with high volume and high-frequency repetitions. biceps and triceps should not be trained twice or even thrice a week because the muscle is now overtrained and didn’t get the time to recover.

Ego lifting (lifting more weight than they can) is also very common now and because of it, the form of the exercise is compromised. The range of motion is cut short improper repetitions are performed and muscle is not able to grow properly. Smaller muscles need good repetitions with the proper range of motion for their proper growth and definition. When doing ego lifting during bicep workout all the load shifts from your biceps to your shoulders. The shoulder muscle then does all the work which should be done by the bicep. This workout session will not yield any positive results for bicep growth. This can also lead to major shoulder injuries if the weights used during the workout is way too heavy.

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Lack Of Variation In Training Protocol

People repeat the same 4-5 movements like bicep curls, preacher curls, concentration curls , hammer curls etc over the years and dont observe any major change in their biceps. It is necessary to change the exercises after a small time to give shock to the bicep muscle. When you shock a muscle with unexpected load , the muscle develops a tendency to grow so that it can handle that load the next time.

Lack Of Quality Sleep

You may not be getting results you want due to a lack of quality sleep. Every night, you should get at least 7 and a half hours of sleep for optimum muscle development. Not only can the body not recover from the day’s training if you don’t get enough sleep, but you won’t be able to exercise at 100% the next day. The first phase toward impressive  muscles is a good night’s sleep. Remember, there is a huge difference between a quality sleep and just sleeping. If there is huge stress in a person’s life he/she will never be able to get a quality sleep and hence will never be able to recieve the 100% result that he/she could have recieved with proper sleep.

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This is the key factor that governs the growth of not only biceps but every muscle in our body. The muscles need recovery when they undergo training. Micro and macronutrients recover and build the muscle stronger than before. To put up bicep size every person needs to intake a good amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals, and especially protein through their diet and supplementation. If Your muscles are not getting proper recovery they will never grow. Whenever you train the muscle again your performance will get degraded and you will able to lift less weight or perform fewer repetitions.

The Importance Of Taking Rest

If you have your biceps workout scheduled for the present day but you’re experiencing pain or excess soreness then DON’T TRAIN THEM. Pain and excessive soreness are signs that suggest that muscles have not recovered properly since the last training session. In this scenario, the bicep growth stops because of over-training and exhaustion. One should always keep the importance of rest in their mind for every body part that they train.

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Understanding The Concept Of A Weak Body Part

Each human body has a weak or lagging muscle that grows slowly as compared to other muscles in the body. If the bicep is weak or lagging, the overall arm size can never reach its full potential. To fix this we have to use our brain more than our body and work strategically. The first step in this process will be by doing a self-assessment of the full body. In this step, we have to consider the growth of every muscle and also the strength of every muscle. After considering the strength and growth of every muscle and comparing them we will be able to find out whether our muscle is lagging in growth in comparison with the other muscles in our body.

To fix the lagging Muscle we need to train it in our first workout of the week. For example, if a person trains from Monday to Friday and takes rest on Saturday and Sunday he needs to hit his lagging body part on Monday because the body has got a good amount of rest on Saturday and Sunday and will be able to perform on its full potential on Monday. Another Master trick for increasing the growth of the lagging muscle is by developing a better mind-muscle connection.

If the size of your left bicep is bigger than the right one or vice versa, you need to develop some workout tricks to equalize your bicep size. You need to do 75% of your bicep exercise using dumbbells. Perform the first repetition with the bicep that is smaller. While using barbells and pulleys try to focus your mind more on the bicep that is smaller in comparison.

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  1. Be consistent, don’t rush for the gains don’t go for shortcuts like steroids and other drugs.
  2. Keep changing the exercise you perform during bicep workouts every 4 weeks. Our body becomes friendly with the same exercises if we keep on doing them for a longer time. Change in exercises gives a shock to the muscle and can lead to better growth.
  3. Build Good and Powerful forearms. Big forearms will help you to lift more weight without doing any cheating in your repetitions.

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