19 Most Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes

19 Most Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes

Fashion mistakes are very common nowadays. These types of fashion mistakes can be seen very frequently near us. Some of these mistakes are very common. People often ignore these mistakes which makes them look awkward and sometimes a try-hard. Some common fashion mistakes that men make are

Trousers Too Long

One of the most common mistakes is when people buy their jeans or pants that are too long for them. The lower part of the jeans covers a larger part of their shoe, making it look disfigured and very hideous. Any type of pants that you are wearing should be tapered at the bottom. The end of the pants should be long enough to reach the top of your feet, but short enough that the hems aren’t dragging on the ground.

Baggy Shirts

Baggy shirts are another blunder that is so common especially with the people who wear formals and tuck their shirts most of the time. The shirts not only look very unattractive but is very uncomfortable as well. The arms of the shirt are very loose, always hanging on the shoulder, and are just displeasing in general. The shirts should always fit close to the body. The length should always be a little longer than the waist keeping in mind the shoulders and the arms that are the main part of the whole shirt.

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Over Accessorizing

Accessorizing is very important when you are wearing any type of outfit. A watch, a nice bracelet, and sometimes rings do look very good on a man. Wearing too much of that does not look very pleasing and rather it looks like you’re just trying too hard. So if you’re one of the people that do like wearing accessories, don’t wear too much of them. If you have a lot of them you can wear different accessories with different clothes. It’s not necessary to wear everything at once.

Mid-Calf Shorts

Wearing trousers all the time becomes boring for some people. People living in areas where there is very hot weather should always go for shorts. The mistake that these types of people make while wearing shorts is that they do not wear the right length of shorts. They either wear short length shorts which makes them look awkward or too long that what they are wearing is not considered as shorts anymore. The right type of shorts is the one that fits right above or slightly below your kneecap regardless of the body type of the person that is wearing them.

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Wearing Too Many Colors At Once

Wearing colors is not a bad idea if you want to try something new. You should always have a lot of colors in your closet if you already have all the basic colors. Wearing all the flashy colors at once can look a little strange, try wearing no more than three colors that actually are very basic and not too flashy if you don’t want your outfit to look like a costume.

Bulky Black Squared Toe Formal Shoes

Wearing the right pair of shoes with your formal outfit is a very important aspect of dressing well. Always avoid these types of shoes as they look very hideous, similarly also avoid the shoes that have too pointed tips as well, rather opt for something classy like oxfords, loafers, monk straps, etc.

Stained Clothes

Clothes should always fit and feel good when you are wearing them. The most important thing that they should be is neat and clean. One should never go out in public with even a little stain on them thinking that no one will notice them because people do notice. Just wash them if they are dirty or stop wearing them if you are unable to do so.

Improper Grooming

Always make sure that your grooming is on point. Be it facial, hair, or anything else. Don’t try to overdo anything as it can look a little bit feminine, you don’t want the ladies to feel like you’re competing with them.

Wearing Worn Out Shoes

Just like you cant wear any stained clothes your shoes should also look very clean and tidy. Shoes that are stained, have holes in them or the ones that are not in good shape should be avoided. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a nice outfit or not, the shoes should always be good looking and clean. Always invest in quality shoes even if you have to pay some extra money because they will last you longer and will look good for a longer period of time.

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Over-Washing Clothes

Make sure to take care of your clothing before it gets dirty. Every time you wash the clothes their quality deteriorates, so you better prevent them. The clothes should not be washed very frequently as they may lose their quality and condition.

Wearing Suspender and Belt Together

This traditional style of clothing has made a comeback. As a result, the first piece of advice for today has to do with button-down shirts: whether you just wear suspenders or a belt, this item looks better. It’s entirely up to you to decide which one to go with. But don’t put them on at the same time; it’s unfashionable.

Wearing Watches that have Stopped Working

This week, you have a crucial meeting where you must present yourself in all your glory. However, on that day, your luxurious watch will stop working. Even if they’re defective, many men still wear them. However, this is a huge blunder.

Tucking T-Shirts into Sweatpants

We don’t recommend tucking your T-shirt into your sweatpants. First, you’ll notice the drawstring, which appears untidy. Second, the T-shirt would almost certainly crumple. You should understand how to properly calculate the length of your T-shirt. Simply draw a line along the T-edge shirt’s in your mind. You’ve made the right decision if it lands in the centre of your forearm.

Oversized Shirts

Oversized clothing is still common today. However, this rule should not be applied to classic tops. Check to see if it is a good match for your shoulders. If you haven’t yet visited the shop, you can take some measurements to determine your exact size. A well-chosen shirt will highlight your stature’s dignity!

Jackets and Sweatshirts with improper sleeve length

Your jacket or sweatshirt’s sleeves should stop just above the top of your wrist. Some shrewd retail employees will try to persuade you otherwise, but they are typically only looking to make more money.

Fastening the top button of a shirt

Do not fasten the top button on your shirt if you want to attract a woman’s attention. It will make you seem more attractive! It’s crucial, however, not to overdo it. Some men also leave the second and third buttons undone. This will seem too lewd and offensive if you are not in a nightclub. In certain situations, you can still be able to fasten the top button.

Keeping the length of a tie too short

People often get confused about what an ideal tie length should be.There is a rule that every man should follow before wearing a tie, the tip of tie should just cover the belt buckle.

Curling/limp Collar

If you’re new to dress shirts, you may not realise that the underside of the collar has slots where “collar stays” are inserted. Your collar will remain straight and smooth against your collarbone with a simple pair of inexpensive metal collar stays.We also suggest that you have your dress shirts dry cleaned rather than machine washed. This greatly improves the longevity of your shirts and keeps them in good condition.

Visible Undershirt

Your undershirt, like your socks, should never be visible. If you want to leave a couple of buttons undone, a v-neck undershirt will keep them covered. Undershirts used to be needed, but nowadays, going without one is more appropriate — better no undershirt than one that is visible

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